Jetsun Polishing System

  1. Principal of the System design is to return the Effluent Treatment System to the very basic concept.
  2. There are three major portion of the system which consist of :
    • Dividing the pond with Special designed Heavy Duty Silt Curtain to create a channel flow of the POME starting from the first Anaerobic Pond. The purpose of this channel flow is to maximize the Bio-digestion process of the pond in order to achieve optimum BOD reduction before moving into the next stage, the Aerobic Process.
    • Design and install heavy duty submersible mixer to ensure proper mixing of POME during the bio-digestion process.
    • Design and install high efficiency Jet Aerator to achieve optimum aeration process in Aerobic Pond.
    • Partition Aerobic Pond with Heavy Duty Silt Curtain to form sludge barrier for the purpose of continuous desludging of digested solid waste.