JS-QJB Submersible Mixer

One Stop Sold Waste Expert

The Application

QJB mixer provides the most efficient mixing power and cost effective, especially for biological treatment pond, sludge holding pond etc.

Application Conditions

  • Media temperature below 40 °C
  • Media PH value between 5~9
  • Liquid density below 1150 kg/m3
  • Depth of application not more than 20 mtr.

Model Indicator

Model & Specifications

ModelOutput, KwAmpDia., mmRPMThrust, NWeight, Kg
QJB 0.85/8-260/3-740C0.853.226074016565
QJB 1.5/6-260/3-980C1.50426098030065
QJB 2.2/8-320/3-740C2.205.932074032070
QJB 4/6-320/3-960C4.0010.332096061070
QJB 5.5/8-640/3-232C5.5013.56402321200184
QJB 7.5/6-640/3-303C7.517.56403032400229
QJB 11/6-790/3-303C11.025.47903033500389
QJB 15/6-790/3-368C15.034.57903684000389
QJB 1.5/8-400/3-740S1.55.440074060070
QJB 2.5/8-400/3-740S2.50940074080070
QJB 4/12-620/3-480S4.00146204801400184
QJB 4/6-400/3-980S4.0012400980120073
QJB 5/12-620/3-480S5.0018.26204801800184
QJB 7.5/12-620/3-480S7.50276204802600229
QJB 10/12-620/3-480S10.0326204803300229

QJB Mixer

  1. Compact design, easy operate and maintenance, durable.
  2. Impeller special profile design make it operate at optimum efficiency together with self-cleaning ability.
  3. Best performance could be obtained when apply together with aerator.
  4. Motor winding at Class F insulation to the standard of IP68.
  5. High quality mechanical seal to ensure motor being well protected.